Behind the Mirror / Ce que nous avons peut-etre perdu

France/India, 2017, 52 mns
Directors : Stanzin Dorjai Gya and Christiane Mordelet
Co-production: Chromatiques and Himalayan Film House

Broadcasting: TV8 Mont Blanc (France) and TV (Switzerland

Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth. A group of 26 Ladakhi children, living in a sheltered valley in the High Himalayas embark on a school exchange in France. From their world in a sheltered valley behind a pass at 5700 meters (often closed in winter), these children offer a sobering look at Western lifestyle. Their initial thoughts about France and the contrast to their everyday life back home is often humorous yet poignant.



Snow Leopard award, LIFF, 2013, 
Jury Award, International Film Festival of Popular Science and Cultural History,  2013, Szolnok,