Grandir au Ladakh (Growing up in Ladakh)

India/France, 2017, 26 mn
Directors: Stanzin Dorjai Gya and Christiane Mordelet

Padma, 12, divides her time between school and home, where she helps her family with daily work. Her life is very different from that of a small European: she lives in Ladakh, a region of northern India, in the remote village of Gya, perched at 4,300 meters above sea level. To go to school, Padma has to travel 72 kilometers by bus! She and her sister Kaskeet attend a boarding school, where they sometimes stay more than two months before returning to their families. Back in Gya, Padma helps her parents and her grandmother to take care of the horses and she celebrates the arrival of spring by working with the others in the field.

This documentary was shown again on French TV in the fall of 2018. Here is the teaser (in French).


Grand Jury Prize/Best Documentary, Objectif Aventure Paris, January 2019

Best Documentary, River to River Florence Indian Festival, December 2018